inventing (my) history

My work derives from an interest in the use of photography, historically, as a means to document, inscribe and mythologize the human body. Through the creation of fictional photographic archives, my work engages with issues of memory, authenticity and archival practice. ” Seafarers and Fishwives” investigates myths and actual accounts of women at sea as well as the exchange and display of photographs as this relates to class and narrative. Stereo cards were collected and popularized predominantly by the middle class during the late nineteenth century; they could be bought in sets of ‘exotic’ places and people, creating a view of the world predictable and attainable through the camera. The cards that I have made are intended to look authentic however, instead playfully interrupt and distort both the narrative structure and optical illusion. While each card can be viewed in 3D with the viewer, some of the cards reveal a shift in location, presence, gaze or gesture of the subject within the image.

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